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About Us

We want to have classic but fashionable clothing to wear to work. This means investing in our wardrobe to include timeless pieces that we enjoy wearing and make us feel beautiful. We do not want to blend in, but we do want to be taken seriously.  We believe in being ambitious, and that what we wear has the power to provide confidence to go after exactly what they want out of life. 

Our Ethos


The Citrine Grey design philosophy is to start with pieces that we can wear all day that doesn't look like we have worn all day. We want to feel supported from train, plane and automobile, while feeling confident to tackle not just the 9 to 5. Our collection is designed to be classic yet professional, wrinkle resistant in order to travel well or rolled in a suitcase, and can be worn from meeting to date night.  


Citrine Grey is a slow fashion brand where we believe our pieces warrant more than a season to be worn. We release new items to build on our existing collection twice a year, lowering the waste of fast fashion trends. We are passionate about designing clothing that can be worn year over year. 


Here at Citrine Grey, we believe in investing in timeless silhouettes mixed with high quality fabrics that are versatile enough to be worn every season. Our approach to design includes spending time on finding the right fabric that feels good but also can be mixed with any and all parts of the collection and in any temperature.