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Business Casual Clothing that Travels with You– Citrine Grey

If you think professional workwear or business casual clothing is fussy and constantly in need of an iron, think again. It’s possible to build a wardrobe comprised of stylish, comfortable, classic, casual business wear that’s easy to maintain. Choose fabrics and styles that make creating outfits easy and save you time on ironing. If you do, you’ll also find yourself enjoying travel a lot more as you’ll have clothing that travels with you that are easy to pack and wear.

Here are some wrinkle resistant fabrics to look for as you’re building your fuss-free wardrobe. Most clothing is a blend of different fabrics, but you can look for these on the label as you seek out wrinkle-free or wrinkle resistant clothes.

  1. It may get a bad rap because of its 1970s connections, but polyester is an affordable, wrinkle-free fabric that’s often blended with spandex and other soft fabrics to create classic clothing. Check out Citrine Grey’s Blake Pencil Skirt, made with a polyester shell and a nylon-and-spandex lining that provides tummy control. This lacy piece looks great with flats or heels. You could even style this skirt with a pair of sandals and a sleeveless top for an outdoor event or casual summer gathering.


  1. Cotton blends. While cotton is not traditionally known as a wrinkle-free fabric, it can be when blended with spandex, polyester and other wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Case in point: Citrine Grey’s Bella Blouse. It’s 95% cotton, but a little bit of spandex makes it hug your body nicely and resist wrinkling. Pair this black lace top with a nude underlay with a cute skirt, jeans or any pair of pants. Dress it up or make it season-appropriate with a blazer or sweater.

Our Panama Blouse is another great example. It’s a cotton piece that blends in spandex to give it just the right amount of stretch. This business casual blouse is just the right length to pair with jeans, dress pants or skirts.

  1. Also known as Lyra or elastane, spandex works wonders on wrinkle resistance when added to other fabrics. It’s also great for creating pieces that hug your body in all the right places. Most Citrine Grey clothing includes at least some spandex to make it hug your body in all the right places but is also comfortable to wear.


Citrine Grey’s Clara Blazer is a classic choice that combines spandex with polyester to create a wrinkle-free piece that matches everything in your suitcase or closet. Roll it up for travel and unroll it for a night on the town or the next day’s board meeting.


  1. This soft, synthetic material is less prone to wrinkles than cotton. It’s great when blended with other wrinkle-free choices like spandex.

Most of Citrine Grey’s skirts include nylon in the lining. Our Marlowe Pencil Skirt is a best-seller, with its navy, black or crème lace shell atop a nylon-and-spandex lining that provides tummy control and feels great against your skin.

Other popular choices for wrinkle-free clothing include wool, cashmere, lyocell (a synthetic form of rayon) and knit fabrics. We hope you’ll enjoy shopping for timeless women’s workwear that makes you look and feel great, but is designed practically for professional women.

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