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How to Dress for Zoom Calls

       As we continue to work from home, the new normal is for businesses and employers to use Zoom, a cloud-based software used for meetings, webinars and conferences. Here are some tips on how to get dressed for your work from home Zoom calls.

The big question for Zoom calls during this hiatus from going into the office is how dressed up should I get? The answer to that question is it’s not necessary to dress quite as well as you usually do, try not to take it down more than one level from your normal office attire. A look we love during this work from home period is our Addison Top paired with some ripped jeans. We like to use the term “work mullet” these days meaning we are business up top and more casual on the bottom.

According to Aristea Williams, a higher education consultant based out of Atlanta states that dressing in our normal work clothes for our Zoom calls gives us a feeling of normalcy during these unprecedented times. Williams further emphasizes how important it is to have a sense of normalcy during this global pandemic in order for us to be able to function in unusual times. For us, normal means continuing to dress in our favorite Citrine Grey pieces, like our Chloe blazer paired with our Jacqueline bodysuit paired with white jeans. We tend to wear our bodysuit quite often since it's such a good layering piece with a built in bra, because who has time for that these days?

The key to Zoom meetings is to maintain the same mannerisms that you would normally have in the office. It is important to remain looking both polished and professional, wearing what you would normally wear. Another tip for conferences via Zoom is to make sure you are keeping your posture straight and maintaining good body language despite not being in person with those on your conference call. It shows co-workers that you are still engaged and focused on your work despite the circumstances we are currently under at the moment. Until we are back in the office, we hope this is helpful for new normal!

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